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Generators vs. Batteries for Emergency Backup Power

Generac vs. battery

I like simple things.  To me, a simple system is one that does what is expected, when expected.  This is the reason why I like backup generators more than battery backup systems.  It ‘s not that backup batteries are inherently bad, it is just that when you really need backup power in the event of a real emergency, batteries are less likely to do what is expected of them.

Here’s why:

Batteries can only delivery the power that is currently stored. If a disaster occurs while the battery is less than fully charged, your home will have less power to work with.

Battery systems get large real fast.  In conversations with home owners, especially ones who ask about products like SolarCity/Tesla’s Power Wall, most people think one small battery system will cover their home.  While a two bedroom home with no AC might do fine for a few hours on a single battery system, most customers I work with have larger 3-4-5 bedroom homes with large single AC or multiple AC’s.  A home of that size would require 4 or more battery systems to cover just some of the load for a short period.

Generators can provide much more power at a reasonable cost for much, much longer.  Systems can be designed to cover the whole house (including AC load) or just critical items such as  refrigerators, microwave ovens, lights, and heaters.  They can use either Propane or natural gas and run as long as fuel is present.  If we have a major disaster like an earthquake and your home is off grid for more than a few hours, a generator is the way to go.

Generac Image1

Generac Whole House Backup System

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